Important Opener Remote Technologies

Important Opener Remote Technologies

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You use them every day, but you don’t actually pay attention to how much time and effort they save you. Yes, we’re talking about garage door remotes. You just need to push a single button to initiate the opening and closing of the door. It’s that simple and convenient. At the same time, these devices do a lot more than just make your life easier as they are equipped with various technologies. Read more here.

Rolling Code Technology

Just a short time ago, this technology was considered to be a major innovation. Now practically all opener remotes are equipped with it regardless of their model and brand. What’s so special about it? It plays an important role for the security of your garage. Every time you use the clicker, the access code which is required to enable the transmission of the signal from the device to the opener is changed. This happens automatically. Hence, the need for changing the code manually every couple of weeks or once a month is eliminated. More importantly, you will never have to worry about someone learning your code and using it to get inside.Important Opener Remote Technologies

If you have an older remote, you can readily get a new one which features rolling code technology. One important thing to keep in mind is that the clickers that feature it typically come with a brand name. One of the most notable examples is Genie Intellicode.

Dual Frequency Operation

As the title of this technology suggests, its job is to prevent signal interference. The transmitter is designed to emit a signal at any one of two frequencies. If one of them is jammed, it will send a signal to the receiver using the second one. This is how you will never have to worry about being stuck outside of the garage.

The risk of some other signal-emitting device opening your garage door will be reduced to the possible minimum too. This is important for the security of the garage and the entire property in general. Yet, you should know that the door can open “by itself” because of another reason which has nothing to do with signal interference. This problem most often occurs when there is a short in the clicker. This results in a continuous emission of the signal after you push the button.

Let’s say you use the remote to close the door on your way out. You can see it closed in the rearview mirror. However, since the remote keeps emitting a signal and its range is quite wide, the door will open while you are still close to the house. If you are lucky, you will spot the problem right away. Otherwise, your automatic garage door can remain open until you come back. There is actually a new technology that can help to prevent this. When the opener is connected to the internet, you can monitor it and close it from any place as long as you have the mobile app designed for the purpose.

Take advantage of all remote control technologies to improve your security.

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