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Automatic garage doors are more common nowadays, although there are still a few households that have manual doors. We at Garage Door Repair Belle Isle can perform the installation of your door and opener. A garage door remote clicker is used to automatically open and close the door. This brings convenience as you can do this without getting out of the car. We have teamed up with the best clicker brands in the industry, including Multi Code, and are trained to program and repair them.

All Your Clicker Needs in One Service Provider

Garage Door Remote Clicker The door opener opens and closes the garage door automatically only if the receiver and clicker are programmed properly to work together. When you push on the clicker to open the door, it transmits a signal to the receiver. If it matches the code of the receiver, the opener then opens the door. This is how the closing process also works. Without the proper set up of the clicker with the opener, it will not be possible to automatically open or close the door. Our company is experienced in setting up receivers to work with any type or brand of clicker.

Like any other equipment, these clickers may absorb damage or malfunction after some time. This could cause inconvenience because as mentioned, you wouldn’t be able to raise and close the door. Garage door remote repair is another service we provide. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and have your clicker working correctly in no time.

In case the remote is beyond repair, you can count on us for your garage door remote replacement. We have high quality clickers in stock, which we offer at the most reasonable price. If you need to replace your remote, we can get you the product you need, as well as help you in reprogramming the receiver to work with it. Our company does not just provide services that concern clickers, but all types of garage door repair service. We offer garage door installation, repair, and maintenance at a fair price. You can depend on us on for all your door opener needs. Some of the other services we offer are torsion spring replacement, bent tracks repair, and fixing of door cables.

We are available 7 days a week so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need professional garage door service.

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