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Modern garage doors are now built with openers for automation. This is one of the conveniences enjoyed by people in this modern era. Most things are being automated for ease of use. Door openers certainly bring convenience, until of course, they break. Many reasons could be blamed why this happens, but the good news is, Garage Door Repair Belle Isle can provide assistance for you when you require it, whatever the case.

Garage Door OpenersHomeowners have three choices in automating their garage doors. These are chain drive, belt drive and screw drive door openers. Chain-driven models uses chains to push or pull a trolley connected to a J-arm affixed to the door. Old units using this type are noisy, but there are newer and quieter models today. Belt-driven openers are similar to chain-drive type, but a reinforced belt is used to push or pull the trolley. They are as reliable as the chain-driven types but are quieter. Screw-driven openers feature trolley on a threaded steel rod as the motor rotates it. They are noisier than belt-drive types but require less maintenance. Modern openers now feature jackshaft and direct-drive models. The latter is claimed to be the quietest among all types because there is only one moving part, which is the motor.

Services Offered

Our team of expert technicians is familiar with a wide range of door opener brands, from Genie, Liftmaster, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Sears, to Marantec. We can assist you for common problems to the most complicated ones. In case the door does not close all the way, or if it reverses immediately after hitting floor, we know how to troubleshoot it. You will know when the opener is the source of problem when the door is having difficulty closing or opening. It is best to entrust this to our professional garage door repair company instead of fixing it yourself.

Providing remote control assistance is another service we handle. We can help your replace it if necessary, or perform needed troubleshooting or programming. We believe that your safety should not be compromised, and modern openers are equipped with safety features that could truly be helpful if you have children and pets in the family. Never be afraid to ask help from experts because you can benefit from professional service, which is always worth the investment, especially with a garage door.

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